PhD PROJECTS on organic electronics, bioelectronics and thermoelectrics are potentially available for highly motivated students with strong skills in synthetic organic chemistry. We are particularly interested in hearing from Chinese citizens, Mexican citizens and developed Commonwealth country citizens (Australia, The Bahamas, Brunei, Canada, Cyprus, Malta and New Zealand). Please send your CV to Dr Nielsen!

November 2018  Well done to Zach who gave his first talk at an international conference, presenting his work on small molecule OECT materials at the MRS fall 2018 meeting in Boston.

November 2018  Christian visited Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an, China and gave a talk at the 2018 Sino-UK Symposium on Advanced Materials and Structures.

November 2018  Pete and Jorge both presented posters at the London Polymer Group’s annual meeting at King’s College. Pete also presented his work at the CAM-IES science day in Cambridge and Jorge presented at the RSC Materials Chemistry Division Poster Symposium at Burlington House.

November 2018  Congratulations to Zach who has been awarded a travel grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry to go to the MRS meeting in Boston later this year.

October 2018  Welcome to Frini Taifakou and William Neal who join the group as postgraduate Master’s students and to Yasser Zaffar who is carrying out his 4th year MSci project in the group.

September 2018  Pete presented a poster on his recent work on polythiophene copolymers at the JUICED Energy Hub Post Graduate Research Symposium at UCL.

September 2018  Welcome to Lorena Alonso Marañón who is joining the group as a postdoc funded by EPSRC to work on improving the performance of organic electronics.

August 2018  Christian gave invited talks at the 256th ACS National Meeting in Boston and the SPIE Optics + Photonics Annual Meeting in San Diego.

July 2018  Our collaborative work with the Sirringhaus group is now online. Read it here: Performance Improvements in Conjugated Polymer Devices by Removal of Water‐Induced Traps!

July 2018  Welcome to Vera He who is spending two months in our labs making new bioelectronic polymers before she starts her undergraduate studies in the autumn.

June 2018  Christian gave invited talks at the 2nd International Organic Electronics Workshop held at UCAS Beijing and at the 14th International Conference on Organic Electronics in Bordeaux. First encounter with a cartoonist (@nais_coq)!

june 2018

June 2018  Welcome to Roman Halaksa who is a visiting PhD student from Brno University of Technology. Roman will spend the next three months in our labs working on new polymers for bioelectronic applications.

June 2018  Our work in collaboration with Henning Sirringhaus’s group at the University of Cambridge on improving polymer OFET performance has been accepted for publication in Advanced Materials. Well done Zhijie!

April 2018  We have received funding from EPSRC to work on additive-stabilised polymer electronics in collaboration with Henning Sirringhaus at the University of Cambridge.

March 2018  Asha and Hussain presented posters on their MSci work and Christina and Pete gave first year PhD talks. Well done all!

March 2018  Zach presented a poster covering his work on organic semiconductors for bioelectronic applications at the BioEl Winter School in Austria.

2018-03-15 10.10.43  IMG_6587

January 2018  Welcome to Christina Kousseff and Dr Jorge Borges-González, who join the Nielsen Lab as a PhD student and postdoc, respectively!

January 2018  It’s been a pleasure sharing a lab with the Schroeder Group over the last year and a half. We wish them all the best in their new endeavours at UCL!

December 2017  Schroeder-Nielsen Christmas Dinner; thanks to Zilu and Meng for organising – and cooking our food!

xmas 2017 (2)

December 2017  Zach gave a talk at the MRI Christmas Symposium at QMUL.

December 2017  Christian gave an invited talk at a CPE Symposium on Organic and Hybrid Materials for Bio and Healthcare Applications at Imperial College London.

November 2017  Christian gave a talk at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston.

September 2017  Welcome to Pete Finn and Hussain Thoha, who join the Nielsen Lab as a PhD and MSci student, respectively!

September 2017  Welcome to Dr Meng Wang, who joins the Nielsen Lab as the first postdoc in the group!

August 2017  We say goodbye to Benjamin who returns to France after spending four months in our lab. Au revoir!


July 2017  We have been awarded £15,000 from the Royal Society.

July 2017  Christian gave a talk at the 13th International Conference on Materials Chemistry in Liverpool.

June 2017  Christian gave talks at the International Symposium of Materials Horizons held at ICCAS, Beijing and at Fpi13 held at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

IMG_5096.JPG  IMG_5210.JPG

May 2017  Zach presented a poster at the MRI Spring Symposium.

May 2017  Christian gave a talk at the E-MRS meeting in Strasbourg.

May 2017  We have been awarded £99,924 from the Academy of Medical Sciences to develop organic bioelectronic sensors for epilepsy diagnosis.

May 2017  Christian attended the launch of the Centre for Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems (CAM-IES) at the Maxwell Centre in Cambridge which brought together the CAM-IES Co-Investigators and industry project partners, including CDT, Shell, Johnson Matthey, Deregallera, Eight19 and ARM.

April 2017  Helen presented her MSc work at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) at Bournemouth University; read the full report here.


April 2017  The whole group attended the 3rd London Polymer Group Symposium at Imperial College and Christian gave an invited talk.


April 2017  Welcome to Benjamin Poggi, who is visiting from University of Paris-Saclay and will be working in our labs for the next four months!

March 2017  Christian is now a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

March 2017  Christian gave a talk at the BioEl2017 International Winterschool on Bioelectronics in Austria.

February 2017  It was a busy day in the group with Helen and Ellasia presenting posters on their MSci projects and Zach and Zhijie giving their 1st year PhD talks. Well done all!


January 2017  We are now part of the £2M Centre for Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems (CAM-IES) in collaboration with Cambridge, UCL and Newcastle University funded by EPSRC (link).

November 2016  Christian gave a research seminar at Nottingham Trent University.

October 2016  Welcome to our two new MSci students, Ellasia Tan and Helen Balogun. Helen is jointly supervised by Dr Matteo Palma and myself.

October 2016  Welcome to Zachary Parr, who joins the group as a PhD student!

October 2016  Welcome to Zhijie Guo, who joins the group as a PhD student on a CSC scholarship!

September 2016  Christian gave a talk at RAMS 2016, a conference for recent appointees in materials science, at Lancaster University.